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      Hi Ken,
      I thought I’d check in and say hello. I am sure you probably won’t remember me, but I used to harrass you back in the “good old days”. When I was all of 15. God, I’m 30 now. Where has the time gone. I used to go by the net name of “The Sierra Pest!” given to me by your brother Johnny. You, Johnny and Roberta were great, showing me around Sierra on both my visits. I remember all the autographs, posters and the interview with Roberta that I did for the “The Sierra Hint Club” on Prodigy. I’ve just stumbled across the old audio cassette the interview was on. You and Roberta can be heard discussing the problem with King’s quest V being so big that it wouldn’t fit in a normal box etc.
      I still don’t believe that Sierra has gone as down hill as it has since you left. I truly hope someday that either you or someone else with the vision and drive will either by the company back or buy the rights to the adventure games and begin pioneering again. It can’t end this way. It just can’t <shaking head>
      What is Johnny up to these days?
      Daniel Milano
      aka “The Sierra Pest!”

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      (re: The Sierra Pest) Daniel:
      Of course I remember you!
      My brother John is working with a company (
      ) that does the software on gas pumps that allows them to display advertising while you buy gas. This didn’t sound very exciting to me until John explained that there are something like a billion transactions per day at gas pumps. Because gas pricing is so competitive, many gas stations make more money selling snacks than they do gasoline. It’s important for them to drive gas purchasers into the store. John’s company writes software that allows someone at corporate, for an entire chain of gas stations, to set what gets advertised. There’s a lot of cool features – but, it’s not games. I think John misses the old days of Sierra.
      -Ken W

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      (re: The Sierra Pest) Hey Ken,
      I’m flattered you remembered me! Please tell Johnny I say hello. It sure does sound like a different business then Sierra that he works at. You could tell that he just adored Sierra. I remember him showing me around one day and sniffing the air and saying “someone has the popcorn machine on, lets go grab some”. I sure wish you guys would have stayed in with Sierra long enough for me to get a job there 😉
      It sounds like you and Roberta are living it up! As the Aussies say, “Good on ya”. You guys deserve it. Why is it I have this funny feeling you’ll be back in games some day? <big grin>
      All the Best, and if you decide to drive the Titanic over to Australia, drop in for a “cuppa” at my place

      The Sierra Pest!===>all grown up

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      (re: The Sierra Pest)


      FWIW, I remember you, too. 😉

      Josh Mandel

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      (re: The Sierra Pest) Josh, great to see you stop by! Josh is one of the “unlucky” people I’ve contacted and for some reason he agreed to contribute to my idealistic design documents project 🙂 So you know that great things will be coming 🙂
      And Daniel, any chance of making an MP3 from that interview tape? Or if you can’t, perhaps making a copy of the tape and sending it to someone who can?

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      (re: re: The Sierra Pest)

      Great to see old friends unite.. always a mind blower.
      Anyway any word of this MP3 interview? Id love to hear it as well 🙂

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      It’s two years and change since you posted this, Danny, and I’m not sure what possessed me to google my way here early this morning, but alas here I am… I was one of the guys behind that Sierra Hint Club thing… We’re of the same vintage and I remember hanging out at your house in Queens some 15+ years ago. Wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago.

      Gosh, what fun memories. Prodigy, the multi-page newsletters that wound up going out to thousands of people… Having to keep a legal firewall between us and Sierra so that Prodigy didn’t treat us a a corporate entity… I thought we were going to conquer the world. Then, of course, came Prodigy being unhappy for the large amount of quasi-commercia excessive e-mail culminating in their new 25 cent per e-mail policy and the bruhaha being covered on Larry King Live… Oy. Somewhere in my archives of SHC stuff I still have a letter from a Prodigy SVP. Maaan, I remember my parents not being thrilled about that! 🙂 Drama at the time, but gives me a good chucke all these years later. May also still have one of those t-shirt or Leisure Suit Larry towel giveaways, too.

      You know, I’ve barely played any computer games since the SHC fell apart… 🙂

      A warm shout out to Ken and Roberta. I hope you guys are enjoying your well-earned retirement!

      I’m grinning ear to ear that I’m even typing this right now!

      All the best,

      Josh Gitlitz

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