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      I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about when Sierra Online was going to bring The Realm to AOL…
      Play The Realm on America Online
      Coming Soon

      Sierra and America Online
      announce agreement to launch The Realm
      Medieval fantasy adventure world opens up to AOL members
      The following is taken from a May ’96 press release

      Sierra On-Line Inc., the marketshare leader of the PC entertainment industry, and America Online, the nation’s largest online service, today announced an agreement to develop and launch The Realm, an open-ended online adventure environment.

      The Realm is a medieval fantasy world that will allow thousands of players to interact with one another in a real-time graphic adventure setting. Combining the social elements of chat with the visual and exploration components of Sierra’s adventure and role playing games, The Realm will allow AOL members to embark on a completely new kind of quest.

      Unlike the visual chat environments or text-based MUDs (multi-user dungeons) currently available, The Realm will enable players to immerse themselves in an evolving adventure fantasy. Players will create characters by choosing gender, physical attributes, clothing, personality characteristics and special skills.

      Once players define their characters, they’ll explore a seemingly limitless environment, talking with other players, embarking on adventure-type quests, using magic and spells to combat evil, and gathering inventory objects to be used in puzzle solving. Designed to appeal to both new and seasoned computer users, The Realm promises a new experience every time the user logs on.

      ‘This agreement allows us to bring The Realm to America Online’s more than 5 million subscribers, the largest online audience in the world,’ said Scott Lynch, director of online content at Sierra. ‘From the ground up, The Realm was designed specifically to take advantage of online environments. One of the really dynamic elements of this game is that it constantly evolves as players interact with their environment and one another. We believe The Realm will set new standards for online gaming.’

      ‘This agreement reaffirms our commitment to providing the most entertaining and engaging game content for our members,’ said Ted Leonsis, president of the America Online Services Co. ‘Through The Realm, members can express their individuality and further personalize the online experience.’

      America Online Inc., (NASDAQ Symbol: AMER), based in Vienna, Va., is the largest and fastest-growing provider of online services in the world, with more than 5.5 million members. Through its services, AOL offers its subscribers a wide variety of services including electronic mail, conferencing, software, computing support, interactive magazines and newspapers, and online classes, as well as easy and affordable access to services on the Internet.

      Founded in 1985, AOL today has a global work force consisting of nearly 5,000 people. Personal computer owners can obtain America Online software at major retailers and bookstores or by calling 800/827-6364.

      Founded in 1979, Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and the current marketshare leader of the interactive entertainment industry. Sierra’s product
      lineup includes entertainment, home productivity and educational titles.

      The company’s common stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SIER. Sierra’s corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue.

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      Schubert, Scott, 2006-04-24 11:47:24

      I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about when Sierra Online was going to bring The Realm to AOL…

      My recollection is that all of the discussions with AOL took place AFTER TSN/INN was sold to AT&T.

      INN may have owned The Realm completely.

      Here’s what happened:

      1) Sierra founded TSN alone
      2) In approx. 1995 we sold half to AT&T
      3) The two companies feuded endlessly
      4) We resolved it  by selling all of TSN to AT&T, with a royalty agreement to Sierra on games we would produce
      5) The press release you quote is confusing to me, in that at the time, I don’t believe Sierra had an ongoing economic interest in ‘The Realm’, although I guess we did — and I’ve forgotten it.

      -ken W

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      Ah, thanks. And was the Realm on TSN? I know that even in its alpha stage, it was a separate download. I’m trying to find out if it was on TSN, and if it was there first, or was added to it, or what. Also, was it always a pay system, or was it free at some point (maybe during the alpha)?

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