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      I’m really curious where Shadows of Yserbius, and then a time after the internet MUD Sierra made called The Realm, fit into the ‘history’ of development which lead to MMORPGs like Ultima Online and EverQuest. There were plenty of muds around, and rather crude attempts at making graphical MUDs. However, in its time Yserbius really stood out with beautiful quality graphics (even to this day, it STILL looks pretty nice- if you de-pixilated it then it’d look gorgeous) and seemed to me to really set the stage for the MMORPG revolution (as did The Realm, which really built upon the foundation that Yserbius laid). Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not really mention where Yserbius fits in despite a very nice description of it. I’d enjoy hearing insights and perspectives from others on this.

      I can say that TSN/INN and Yserbius really were ahead of their time. In their own little BBS world, they created a graphical multiplayer game environment that took years upon years to finally come about on the internet. I was a preteen when I started TSN/INN, and my future expectations of the online gaming world were really shaped by my experiences there. Yserbius, and INN as a whole, were really focused on community and interaction through a lovely environment- and so when I chose MMORPGs such as Ultima Online I made choices based on finding a similar community environment where hacking and slashing is not the only purpose. I feel rather privileged I was a part of it all, since I got to experience a bit of the ‘future’ when the average kid living around me had never even heard of graphical online games.


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