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      A number of persons on this website have banded together to build a game.

      We still need programmers, artists, play testers, musicians, composers, voice talent, etc etc. If you want to help, we can probably find something that needs done.

      If you see the menu item “Developers” on the left hand menu then you are already signed up. If you don’t and would like to see what is happening, with the idea that you might sign up to help — email me right away — at (

      Thank you,
      Ken Williams

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      (re: The Game Development Project)

      I would be very interested to help you guys out on this one if it is’nt too late yet for it. I unfortantely don’t have any programming experience though. I would hope to be considered for something else to complete this mission to build this game.

      Thank you

      Dirk, RI

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