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      Hi Ken. I started using computers in 1983 (Timex,Apple,Tandy). I played alot of text games and video games and cartridge systems, but in 1987, I was shocked to see Police Quest 1’s EGA graphics in detail on my 286 PC. It blew me away and I was hooked and became a faithful fan of Sierra for years upto 1997. (SQ, KQ, LSL).

      I’ve seen these games change as I’ve grown up and notice as the games and graphics have progressed into the newer ultra-violent 3D “shoot’ em up” style of play. There are not many good quality aventure games on the market left. It seems that they are very expensive to produce and some of new ones out now have terrible plot lines and are written poorly. Most of the games on the market now feature killing or blowing up something.

      They are all missing story, objective, goals, and oh, yes the point – which is to have fun. Mindless violence doesn’t have the same feel of the classics I grew up with something about the simplicity was great. I could tell that the game developers enjoyed making the games as much as we did playing them.

      I wish I could feel that way about the games today. I am disapointed that what is left of SOI has kept Al Lowe off of the LSL release.

      Do you plan to stay in permanent retirement, Ken?? lol. I know I’d love to see another wonderful company and those talented people back doing something special. Ok, it’s just a thought 🙂

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