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      Hello there adventurers!

      I was wondering if I can ask for your help obtaining information regarding two specific versions of King’s Quest Collection – 15 Anniversary from 1994 and 1995.

      I have two versions that their discs looks alike – one was made in 1994, box is crimson/dark red like color and the other 1995 which has a picture of a spiral staircase.

      Doing some online research, the only supposed difference is that the 1994 version comes only with the KQ7 movies while the 1995 comes with a “playable demo”.

      However, the data on the disc is exactly the same.

      What confuses me even more is the fact that on the back of the box from 95, it does say “Playable chapter from the new King’s Quest VII…” – …”playable”…?

      I ask because on both versions that I have there is a menu option to install KQ7 demo. Once I run the demo there isn’t much to interact with and the demo loops and if I hit ESC it quits the demo.

      So I guess, to sum it up, my questions are:

      1. Is it normal/typical that both discs are the same in two different versions? – maybe they got switched from my friends somehow or is it possible that by the end of the 94′ release the 95′ release was starting and I got the newer disc with the older box?

      2. Does the word “playable” means interactive play or something else? I remember back in the 90’s terminology was tricky…

      3. If someone has both versions with different discs, is it possible to get a text output of the tree structure of each of the discs? (a command line like “dir D: /ogn /s > 1994_cd1.txt” – without quotes and obviously changing the D to the CD-ROM drive and the output file name accordingly)

      Any input is welcomed, I am just puzzled here.

      Thank you for all the help in advance!

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      No one? : (

      Any input would be great!

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