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      since you’re looking for feedback, here’s a problem i’ve been having… probably more a usability problem than a bug.

      when i click on a post to read it, it opens in the right-hand frame. the topics on the left-hand frame expand so that i can see the posts under the post i clicked (and can no longer see some of the higher links). for example, if i have clicked through to Police Quest Area, I see

      The Sierra Fan Site
      The Sierra Museum
      Police Quest Area

      now, say i want to go back to click on General Conversation About Sierra. this topic is no longer available to me in the left-hand frame. the problem i’m having is, i keep clicking my brower’s Back button. the page in the right-hand frame goes back to whatever page i saw previously, but the options in the left-hand frame don’t change. i figured out that if i clicked The Sierra Fan Site i could get all the options again, but my nature is to keep clicking the Back button.

      i used to work in software usability and learned that if someone keeps doing something one way, in spite of the instructions they’re given, it’s time to change the software… 🙂


      ps here’s a real bug — when i was typing this up, i opened another window so i could accurately describe the problem. in that second window, i clicked through to Police Quest Area. i finished my bug description in the original box and hit Post Message. i saw a message saying that i was posting under the Website bugs and discussion topic… but when i went to view my post, it had actually showed up in the Police Quest Area. (i deleted it and am now trying to submit again under the Website bugs and discussion topic…)

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