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      Dear Ken & Roberta,

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for helping me learn to read and spell as a child; I was a smart but very dyslexic child who had a great interest in technology. What was holding me back was my inability to read and spell and then I discovered Mystery House for our newly acquired Apple II in 1981 (I was 9 years old and reading at a 6 year old level). I was engrossed but struggled. Eventually my mother made a deal with me, that if I was able to get through the game on my own without having to always ask her and Dad for help she would buy me more.

      The change in my reading ability was amazing, within 12 months I had caught up with my classmates and although I still struggled with spelling I was well on my way there too. Over the years your games not only helped me progress but entertained me and inspired me to become a computer programmer. Now, 36 years later I have a son and I am looking forward to the day when I can use your games to help him with his reading. He is only 3 at the moment, but he is showing the same rich imagination that I had and I hoping he will love these games as much as I did.

      Thank you once again.

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      Ken Williams

      Thank you! You’ve made my day!

      -Ken W

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