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      Hi Ken,

      I just knew this website and I could not resist writing a thank you post.

      It is curious that you cannot know anything about us (“the gamers”), and instead, for us your creations means such a lot of fun time, that we or at least I, We have enjoyed. The amount of hours and memories that mean games like yours.

      I am 30 years old and since the 10 I play Sierra games.

      For me, there are two games that I always carry in my memory, because they accompanied me for many years. In particular they are “Lords of The realm II” and “Caesars III”. Even now, that I am 32 years old, I still remember them and enjoy them, since they are not only two games for me, they are many experiences from when I was little and make me remember that time of happiness and fun. Sierra games are part of my childhood, part of my happiness and my memories. Playing these games now makes me feel like a kid again and enjoy again like I did then.
      Besides, I think this type of games at an early age makes us develop creativity and intelligence, the management strategy with games like the ones I mentioned are an essential part of the development of people like me, and our future professional skills. Games are the beginning of our way of being.

      So thank you again for making me discover the strategy games, because they have helped me to be who I am today, and help me to remember a part of my childhood to Feel to me a child every time I want.

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