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      This is my first post here at Although, I’ve been here for a while just reading what Ken and fans have to say.

      I was introduced to Sierra games by my close friend and neighbor back in 1984. He’s father, working for IBM, had got him a PCJr and we were playing the ‘Not for sale’-version of KQ1. He still keeps the original not for sale-floppy but the PCJr was sold a long time ago. 🙂

      Unfortunately (and this one really hurts) I didn’t take the time to thank Sierra On-Line enough while it still existed. So, as I see it, here’s my 2nd chance:
      I would like to thank all the people who worked at Sierra and whos work really inspired and impressed me. Plus, a special thanks to Roberta and Ken for starting and keeping up the good work at Sierra.

      And, while I’m at it, another thanks to all the great fans out there who continually bought these super-great games and made the continuing works at Sierra possible. (I personally own about 20 legal and unique copies of Sierra games, having owned as many as maybe 25 in total.) Actually, I also wish to send some thanks to the “cracker groups” that made it possible for me to play the Sierra games I couldn’t afford back then. (Do not worry: I’ve payed for most of these games afterwards. 😉

      Thank you all // Marcel Risberg, Stockholm, Sweden

      PS. I’m sorry to say I have not yet found a message written by Roberta. It would be great to hear a few words from her too.

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