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      Hi Ken,
      I think this website is great! Like many of these people, I too grew up playing Sierra games. I played every single one until things started shifting away from the adventure genre. I’m really delighted to find this sight. Every now and then, I used to search the web to find out the details of what had happened to Sierra. I must say, I really was sad not knowing what had happened or what the “original” Sierra team was up to. It’s great to read the messages from so many people who appreciated Sierra as I had done all those years ago.
      The first time I ever played a Sierra game was at a friends house on his PC. I don’t know what he had exactly but I do remember that the screen was black and white! It was definately Kings Quest 1. From that moment on, I was totally hooked. I had Sierra posters all over my room, the maps from Police Quest, Manhunter and even the covers to the boxes framed above my bed. When I was about 7 or eight years old, my grandparents even gave me a few shares of Sierra stock for Christmas! My first computer was an Apple IIgs. When I was in 6th grade, I read an article in Sierra magazine that they were going to discontinue games for the Apple IIgs! When I got home that day from school I cried in room about it. Some time later, my parents bought me a Tandy so I could play Hero’s Quest 1 and Space Quest III.
      I really could go on forever, but who wants to read another post like this? There’s so many on this sight already! I played Loom, Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion by LucasArts. Those games were great, but what is it about the old Sierra classics that sets them apart? No one has been able to reproduce it.When I think about the time I spent playing the Sierra classics like Kings Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest, I’m really left in awe. Those stories captivated me like nothing else. Games like that made growing up wonderful. There has been nothing like them since. You guys really should be proud of yourselves. You did something unique and you did it well. I feel lucky to have been growing up when all of this was happening.
      If you ever do come back to the business and make another game, I’ll be among the first to support it however I can. I really think the two of you and all of the people you worked with have made many many people very happy. Roberta and Ken, you guys are the greatest! Enough drama though, thanks for the sight!
      K.Conor Welch

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