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      Smile from the game is all I need
      Though it ain’t the King’s Quest thing
      Sierra logo, game box signed, thanks for the Space Quest 1

      Something else on the shelf
      I pass by every day
      I reach out and grope and I feel good
      Thanks for the Space Quest 2

      Two games after part one
      I’m playing a game away from TV
      People think I’m a bit crazy
      But I know it’s Space Quest 3

      Don’t shed no tears for Sierra
      If they had to close the door
      To have played and lost is better
      Than no Space Quest 4

      It was a great time to be alive,
      But we won’t mention Space Quest 5

      Friends come by to play the Xbox,
      Halo quells that gun blasting fix
      But a smile from the game is all I need
      Thanks for the Space Quest 6

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      (SQ4 Amiga) I just played though the Amiga version of SQ4, and I noticed a difference from the PC version. In the bar on Kerona when you talk to the guys in black/white they say something like “look at me, I’m mister I’m in 32 colors”. I don’t remember the exact phrase, but it goes something like that. Has anyone else noticed this or perhaps other differences in Amiga versions of Sierra games?

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