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      To Mr. and Mrs. Williams:

      For whatever reason, the word ‘Sierra’ popped into my head over the last couple of days, and I put the word into Yahoo search tonight.  This site was one of the results with which it responded.  Once I checked it out, read your intro, I decided I should post my two cents.  I was one of your biggest customers and fans.  From the very first Kings Quest I that I played all the way up until S.W.A.T, I purchased and played your games religiously.  I was only eight or nine, when I wrote my first handwritten letter to you thanking you for such wonderful games that you created.  My memory is a little foggy, but I do remember the day my dad told me you responded with a typed letter with your signature on it.  I think I was on top of the world at that point.  Even then as a eight or nine year old, I knew that company CEOs never wrote to customers directly, and I would have especially never imagined it from the best game developing company in the world.  My greatest memory was when Kings Quest IV came out and the competition for being the first person to finish the game was being held.  Me, my dad, and one of his coworkers all spend an entire weekend of writing down each step of how to finish the game.  Although we didn’t win, it was a great time.  🙂  I think your games were not only entertaining but largely educational.  I know without the Text-based interface of the early Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest-series, I would have not been as good as a speller in early grade school.  I think the games also had an impact on my ability to be a critical thinker.  Yes, I did use the 900 hint line a couple of times (with parent’s permission of course 🙂 ), but for the most part I worked my way through the problems. But more importantly, you’ve inspired me not only to work in the software development field, but also seek to get a game development position.  I’m sure you’ve read a lot of these similar emails, but with the impact you’ve had on a lot of 6 to 40 year olds between the early 80s until the mid 90s, what else could you ask for?  Thanks again, sincerely, for single handedly shaping the entire adventure gaming industry, and working to evolve it from a keyboard/text interactive system, to partial mouse driven, to fully mouse-driven, and beyond.  You two will never be forgotten, especially when gaming history is mentioned. 


      David Bowles

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