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      Ken and Roberta,

      Great site, discovered it while looking for a timing patch for my old games (which I found, written by a third party). I came to know Sierra with a free copy of Police Quest from the store where our computer came from. They were clearing out their stock and I thought it looked cool. The rest was history. Since then, Hero’s Quest became my favorite series along with King’s Quest. Both parser and point-and-click interfaces, I didn’t care.

      I am a Marine that served in the recent Iraq war (March to June of 2003) as an amphibious assault vehicle commander. Our company was the first to cross the river into Baghdad, about a day before the statue fell. Riding down those long roads in a turret with absolutely nothing to do but stay alert takes its toll. Sometimes staying awake for more than 40 consecutive hours. I had a helmet intercom link with my driver and we used to have some crazy conversations. We reminisced about the Hero’s Quest series for quite some time and it actually kept us awake and interested so I could remain alert and he could stay on the road.

      Who would have thought that playing those games and other Sierra games would have such an impact so many years later? A familiar talking point was the ending to QFG II, the Shadows of Darkness teaser. I always wondered about that, why Wages of War came first. The answer is probably somewhere on this site. QFG II, for obvious reasons, was usually discussed. Iraq kind of resembled Raseir and Kuwait resembled Shapeir.

      I even have a software developer job now because of the way Sierra games affected me. I had to know how they worked! How could someone create such a compelling virtual world was beyond me at the time.

      Anyways, enough rambling, thanks again for squeezing all of that creativity out of the impressive talent! Thanks for making Sierra synonymous with PC games! Thanks for giving me something to do in the late 80’s and early 90’s! Thanks for everything!

      Adam Brown

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