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      I just want to thank the entire Sierra company to give me great memories. I remember getting the limited edition boxed set in 1996 of Kings Quest 1 – 6. Although having to admit this, I did have a favorite although I gained a broader imagination for fantasy story writing from every single game and I enjoyed each and every one! I loved Kings Quest 6! I remember having a private saved file for the confrontation of Stick in the Mud and the Tomato because it made me laugh that hard! I loved the little romance that happened in every game the sierra squad made and always managed to fit in a few extra bits of comedy along the way but brimming with action packed fun!

      Although now 13, I enjoy the recent additions you made to the Kings Quest series a few years back of introducing the 7th n 8th ones. I remember having a sense of upset from finishing each of the games for the very first time because everything I had been working for had finished because I had reached the ending, but then again it seemed another challenge to accomplish it another time! You inspired me at a very young age because it thought it was so fascinating how someone can write a game like them! Filled with different characters of different cultures and looks and I loved the tension you built up as the gamer always began to wonder “Uh oh I wonder what happens next!?”

      Anyway I was watching TV the other day and some music came on that resembled the opening tune of Kings Quest 6 when Prince Alexander is on the ship looking through his telescope at the Green Isle (sorry if I get muddled with the names I haven’t played them for a little while now…) and it suddenly sparked up the feeling I got from playing the Kings Quest games and how much I got inspired at such a young age. So I decided to search for a Sierra fanclub and here you popped up! Thank you so much for great childhood memories you gave me and you will be hearing from me more often on here now because I will never forget about the amazing Sierra company! Thank you, x x x

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