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      To Ken Williams,

      I’m not sure if you recall, but about a year or so ago, Icontacted you asking for information on who owns the rights to Phantasmagoria. You gave me a detailed history into Sierra-on-line turning into modern Sierra-in-hell. Well, i’ve been going through alot of things, wondering where my place in life was, and what i’m going to do long term with my life. I was recently saying to my mother and father the entire detailed Sierra history, as well as about the games. Straight away she told me, you’re really passionate about the topic aren’t you?…. i replied “Yeah, I know so much I could write and film a documentry”. For me, finding something to seperate Passion from Hobby is quite an amazing feat. Due to me having Aspergers Syndrome (A form of Autism, i’d give you a description, but it’s a little complicated), it’s known in documented cases that a person with Aspergers will work and excel to a brilliant level to something they’re passionate about. Which is why i’ve decided, to use my writing skills (i’ve been trying to get my first novel – Death Dealer, published, and i’m already working on my second), and try to obtain Certificates and Diplomas in Screen (mostly Directing and Producing) and attempt to start a career in the Gaming industry. I’ve played games close to 18 years (started when i was 3 with my sega master system), thus i’ve got an understanding about genres and different functions within games, although i don’t know a thing about coding (which is why we have developers :P) and i feel i’m ready to push developers to the limit, with the current technologies at hand, some serious things can happen in gaming, that could blow peoples minds. I personally have a long time goal, to make adventure games which will outsell the current generation of adventure games/platformers with a more complex puzzle like interface. I’d love to re-work on old sierra games, not to bastardise or 3d-ize, but to re-envision those games with updated visuals and sound quality. (5 DVD Gabriel Knight: Sins of the fathers? i think not)

      You’ve been an absolute inspiration to me as not only a game player, but hopefully as a Game producer/director. Roberta too, if it wern’t for the both of you, Computer gaming as a whole would not be where it is today.

      Thank both of you,

      Tim Roberts.

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