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      I just discovered this site and I haven’t read enough to see if anyone else has said so before, but thank you Ken and Roberta. Thank you for the most entertaining part of my childhood/adolecence. Thank you Roberta for the stories that captured my heart and mind. Thank you for providing an outlet for a lonely young teenager that had very little else going for him. When my life looked the darkest, your stories/games were where I turned to for escape. You kept me off of drugs, alcohol and the many other nasty things my peers did. You see, there was little room in my adolecent times for a computer geek. It’s all the rave today, but back then you were just a wierdo. Thank you for providing a depressed young man an outlet so that he could grow up and be a proud father of 3 with a loving wife and a great job! No offense to you Ken, but I had the biggest crush on Roberta back then too. (Is that really her on the cover of SoftPorn?)


      Long live King Graham!

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