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      Growing up deep in the woods of North Bend WA one tends to be bored at times, because the trees are not the best playmates. My brother and I never really spent time together away from technology; our Dad is a tech. Anyway, King’s Quest 6 and Quest For Glory 3 were the only two Sierra games we ever owned, and our summers were dictated on the progress made during game play hours. We spent many quality hours searching through the manuals which came in the “box”–I emphasize box because the enormity of the box itself, it was more like a briefcase. My bro and I still talk of the games and I can still remeber driving past the Sierra game office in Eastgate and wondering what was being conjured up at the time. It was a sad day when i realized that the long positioned Sierra sign on the outside of the building was gone, taken over by some local yuppie buisness. I want to thank the minds of Sierra for making my coming of age years much more tolerrable and for the escape that was offered via the afore mentioned games. In whatever direction life takes you, creators, i wish the most sincere success. –Kevin

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