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      Hi All. I’m 30 years old now, married and have two children running around. For some reason, after years of not touching a PC RPG, I felt like I needed to play Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Fathers or Codename:Iceman. It was a weird nostalgia that just seemed to overtake me.

      Back in the days growing up in New York City (Queens), while kids were out starting trouble, I found myself inside for the summer, hooked on completing Police Quest 1 or Kings Quest IV (which came with my IBM PS/2 package. Good old MS-DOS days…

      I was a Sierra addict and idolized Jane Jensen’s way of combining her writing skill with game design.

      It’s these games which honed my own computer skills… it made me loved computers and everything about them.

      I now am a Technical Engineer for a great software company and thank you, Sierra for my teen years, the stimulation of my mind and the creativity and imagination you infused in me at such an early age. It truly has led to my success as an adult and involvement in software as a full-time career.

      Other gamers? Follow me @GarettNate on Twitter. Let’s keep in touch.

      BTW – I’m looking forward to purchasing Gray Matters (2011 release by Jane Jensen – had no idea!!!)

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      Hey! Welcome. For getting your classic Sierra games running on modern machines, check out: – the forums have a ton of great help, the site has all kinds of great installers.

      Get GRAY MATTER now! You want to, trust me!

      And if you’re a big Jane Jensen fan check –

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