Thank You Ken and Roberta for all the wonderful childhood memories!

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      Dear Ken and Roberta,

      This is not so much of a question, but more of a statement. I just wanted to let you guys know that way back when I was a young child (around the age of 4 or 5) my parents went out and got me my first computer, a Tandy 1000 (not so much a PC clone, even though Radio Shack claimed it was! LOL).

      Anyways, on top of the excitement of getting my very own computer at such an early age, I had another suprise… Kings Quest. To this day I fondly remember putting in that floppy and booting up Kings Quest with my parents watching. I was taken to a whole other world, a world that both dazzled and amazed me on so many levels. At that age, the game taught one how to problem solve and think on certain levels, as well as tell a story that would keep someone going from beginning to end. Since that day, I’ve pretty much played every “Quest” game ever made by Sierra, and was not once dissapointed.

      Sierra’s games put such a sense of adventure in my heart that from that age until now, I’ve been a bookworm reading adventure after adventure… though they never stack up to the stories told in King’s Quest 🙂 Though I will admit, Lord of the Rings comes a close second! LOL!

      As a child, I actually had a penpal of sorts at Sierra. His name was Tony Caudill. I used to write in expressing my love for the games, asking questions, and even advice on how to do what you guys did so well. Tony was a great person, as he always used to take the time out to answer my letters (email wasn’t even available back then… scary huh?) and provide me with advice, tips and even gossip on games. It was people like Tony that made Sierra a special company for me. If the employees could take time to answer the letters of an exited little boy, they they really cared about the their fans. I’ve always had dreams of coming and visiting the company itself. Unfortunately that never came to pass.

      I will always keep fond memories like these in my heart when I think of Sierra. I just want to personally thank the wonderful people at Sierra, like you, Roberta (who always put smiles on my face with King’s Quest), and Tony Caudill who put alot of excitment in my life as a child.

      Happy Holidays,


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