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      Dear Ken,
      you cannot imagine how glad I was when I discovered this site live again and maintained not less by those who made Sierra what was in 1996 (possibly max up to 1999 I would say).
      First of all, a huge thank you to you and to Roberta for all the fun, learning and happy time you enabled us to spend during so many years ! You don’t know how much Sierra meant to many of us. Thank you.
      Great ! Thank you very much for this. I will be glad to contribute as much as possible.
      Thanks to your Collection Series I was able to complete (almost) in time my collection of Old Sierra Adventures (yes, Sierra reached the status of collectible and it is part of the Hystory not only of you but also of millions of fans… just browse around the net !!!). I was missing some titles and I was able to complete them. If I can help you in your task of reviving Sierra History I’ll be glad !
      I must admit that I still have a sweet tooth for the mithical AGI games (especially KQIII, SQII, LSLLLL, PQ and Gold Rush)… and recently I was glad to be able to run them once again after many years on my Pocket PC (with Sarien).
      Recently I exchanged a few mails with Al Lowe exactly on Sierra (and he is really kind, I never had doubts on that), saying that Sierra history should be worth remembering and being brushed. It is a case history I would say. 
      I grew up with Sierra, but Sierra remains in my heart also because it developed in parallel with the developement of Computers, and that adds a sense of “I was there”. Most of all you had vision and clear ideas, that’s why Sierra (old) succeeded and Sierra (new) is having troubles !
      Well, I will hang on and be in touch.
      For now thank you again,
      (from Florence)

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      (A simple statement)

      Sierra On-Line, with Ken and Roberta, number 1, anytime!

      Here’s to good memories and headaches (trying to figure out the puzzles) ;D

      Dave Wong

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      (re: Thank you for the good times, Ken!)


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