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      Ann Z.

      Hello! I’m so glad I found this forum – Ken and Roberta, thank you both so much for all the wonderful games, particularly the King’s Quest series which was so foundational to my childhood.

      Some of my earliest memories are of playing King’s Quest IV at age 5 (and of course many times since then) – I definitely gained a lot of spelling skills from typing commands like “Look Under Bridge” while honing my reading skills! I got so many laughs and thrills from these wonderful adventures. I love all the KQ games, and Laura Bow, and so many more, but upon replaying them all I’m particularly struck by what a masterpiece King’s Quest VI is in its animation, storytelling, and music.

      Seeing Roberta’s name on the credits of these games which were so central to my life and imagination was definitely a benefit to my perspective on what women could create and achieve. I can’t wait to share them with my own kids someday. Thank you!

      Ann Zimmerschied Parker

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      Sorry to dissapoint you but Roberta didn’t do anything
      Not program, make art, make music or anything

      She just invented a story
      The game itself is written by professionals

      Ken & Roberta just hired the best professionals. Therefor THEIR names should be praised


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      Ken Williams

      Thank you Ann!

      As was said, we were lucky to have teams with amazing programmers, artists, musicians, tech writers, QA people and more. Sierra’s success had made it “the place” where the best people wanted to be. It was an incredible place to work! We miss those days.

      -Ken W

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