Teaching coding to kids

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      Scott Lininger

      Hello Ken,

      Thanks for your amazing games over the years. KQ was a big inspiration for me wanting to learn to code, and the motivation to make games and tell stories gave me the career I love today.

      My company teaches kids typed coding, and we’re launching a new code education platform for 3d games this year. I read in an interview about your new VR game that you were tinkering with a similar idea. If you would be at all interested in brainstorming or comparing notes, I’d be honored to get your advice and opinions.

      Our platform is in pre-beta testing right now, but we’ll be opening it up to curious folks later this year. I don’t want to spam the group with details. 🙂 If anybody out there is curious or would like to connect with a fellow Sierra fan, you can Google me: Scott Lininger.

      Warmest regards,


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