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      I recently replayed this and cannot achieve “Super Sleuth” status. I’ve done everything in the notebook except the game will not let me EXAMINE THE CIGAR WITH THE MONOCLE. When I try examining the cigar it always tells me there’s nothing interesting about it thus giving me an incomplete. I can’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug in the game.

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      I believe examining the cigar is indeed not neccessary (or even possible), as the game tells you. 

      At our fan-site at you will find a complete walkthrough or even just tips when you want to become Super Sleuth. Of course it will spoil the fun of examining, trying everything and eventually “win” the game yourself somewhat….

      Still, our site should be able to help you getting right back on track!

      Best regards, Vincent (

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      Nope, it IS absolutely necessary to investigate the cigar butt in order to achieve SuperSleuth status, even though it says that you “don’t see anything interesting”. I’m 100% sure about it. To examine it, pick it up and type “examine cigar with monocle”.

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