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      Hey There:

      I have the above game on a Sierra Classics CD. The part where you hop in the Time Pod, I don’t have the symbols to go to the next stage. The liner notes that came with the CD don’t have it.

      Also, is there a way I can get a replacement copy of the disk itself? I had a CD Rom drive that was acting up & I pulled the disk out and it scratched it on the thinner label side. I know Sierra doesn’t support SQ anymore. Thanks in advance. -A-

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      (re: SQ4 Copy Protection / Replacement CD) I wish I had 24 hours a day to spend on this site… that said, unfortunately, I don’t! But I do try to look at all messages, even if I’m a bit late… so in case you didn’t already find the anwer to your question, here’s my thoughts.

      As for the SQ4 Sierra Classics CD, I thought that the copyright protection had been removed on the CD version? I could be wrong. Anyway, you can find a copy of the full manual at
      Link: http://www.spacequest.net(http://www.spacequest.net) 

      As for obtaining a replacement CD, try eBay.com. If you keep an eye out, surely you will find one there for a cheap price.

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