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      Comic books are the perfect medium, because they combine words and images on a printed page. I loved comic books when I was younger – I still do. You can imagine how thrilled I was when Roger Wilco got his own Space Quest I comic series. I made my parents go through much hassle to get the comics for me (much hassle since we live in Canada, it was obviously a US-based offer, and the company moved and then had problems keeping track of our order). The first issue was amazing, it’s too bad the next 2 issues didn’t live up. But they’re still one of my favorite (few) Sierra items.

      I was convinced all Space Quest games should have comic book adapations, so I started to make one for Space Quest IV. I had this wonderful slick paper, drawing pens that my mom always bought me, and I was absorbed with Space Quest IV’s amazing VGA graphics.

      Anyway, without further ado here’s the cover and first two pages of my childhood, never-to-be-finished Space Quest IV comic. Oh yeah, and who could forget the PocketPal closeups at the end of SQ4? All images under 150 kb.

      SQIV Comic Book – Cover.
      SQIV Comic Book – Page 1.
      SQIV Comic Book – Page 2.
      SQIV PocketPal.

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