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      I’ve scoured the web for help on this dilemma, and so far, nothing. I would appreciate any help you have.

      I’ve recently come across several old games that used Sierra’s SCI0 and SCI1 interpreter. I’m running Win 98 SE on a Pentium 2 with 128 MB of RAM and for audio, I have a YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Gameport and WDM Driver.

      The games that use the SCI engine will not play sound on my computer. For the past few days I’ve been looking for the means to play the music. So far, I’ve made no progress. GOSIERRA v3 won’t work on all my games, it won’t patch what needs to be patched. All the DOS emulators, like DOSBOX and FreeSCI, are too advanced for me to get to work. I really want to play these old games, but I don’t know how to get the sound to work. Any help?

      Here’s a partial list of games with no sound:

      King’s Quest 4, Space Quest 3 & 4, Larry 2 & 3, Colonel’s Bequest, Hoyle Book of Games 1 & 3, Quest for Glory 2, and just about any SCI games that came out before the CD games.

      I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

      UPDATE: There is no error message when I start the game. It just loads the game and no sound is heard. It doesn’t matter which sound card I select. If I have to change the install path, what exactly do I have to change?

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      (re: Sound Problems on a WIN98)

      What exactly is the problem? Do you get an error message?

      I assume you’ve gone into the Install file and tried all the different soundcard settings?

      I have two win98 machines, one’s a P1 (150 Mhz I think?) with a SoundBlaster card, one’s a P2 (366 Mhz) with built-in audio (laptop). I haven’t played all the games on your list, but I know I’ve gotten sound for KQ4, Larry 2, and QfG2. I installed KQ4 and QfG2 before I even knew about the GoSierra patch, so if I had to do any tweaking it was probably with the Install file. Larry 2 may have needed the GoSierra patch, I’m not sure.

      Sorry I can’t be more help.


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      (re: Sound Problems on a WIN98) You need 16 bit emulation to have sound from old DOS games. Look on the driver disc for your sound card for DOS drivers. If you cannot find them on your driver disc or from the manufacturer’s web site, You might try VDMSound for Windows 9x. This is only in alpha stage of development, but may be your only solution.

      Link: Win9x + VDMSound **ALPHA**( 

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      (re: Sound Problems on a WIN98)

      First of ALL – You should try to change the settings in the install.exe – I think what suits you system is selecting “General MIDI Sound driver”.
      If you can supply additional info about you audio card- this will be helpful.

      {Control Panel=>System=>Device Manager=>Sound and…=>Click on you sound-card and properties=>specify important information.
      Also, Control Panel=>Multimedia=>Go to the MIDI settings}

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