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      welcome back!!! Miss you guys… I was hoping you like I would miss this crazy but FUN  business! This is a bit of a personal nature so if you could send me a email about a small ez biz oppty? I know you would have fun and I would be honored if you would chew my request. I go back to WRGrace days Judy was our awesome rep and Lynn Kaplan is a great friend as she worked with me. I am sure they ring a bell. Please contact me I have another ex Kater with me so we know our Sierra stuff! Just a funny FYI. I worked at VUG for 5 licensing OEM so really sold Sierra for 10 Years. The Famous PhatazNtaz compusa “issue” was flat in the middle of that one so  think we could share some amusing memories, lol… Please? Met you and Roberta before my Ernas which was So much Funso thank you if I didn’t!!! Lol…. Hope all finds you both well and my hunch is this will be a tiny taste of game today. did I mention Tiny??? You guys are the envy of all us dinosaurs but so well deserved!!! I was always a Huge fan.

      thank you Ken!!!

      your devoted Sierra fan 4 ever….miss you guys! Fun for women has up and left the building just a hint?! Wait untiI fill u in on something that will make you lol!! Not many of us dinosaurs left but we stick together like birds of a feather!! 

      Carol Lane

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