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      Hello everyone.

      I’d like to express my thoughts on what I think is very poor business practice.

      First of all, when you buy a Season Pass, you have a reasonable expectation that you’re going to be given access to 100% of the game’s content EVENTUALLY, when said content is created and published. Season Passes are advertised in-game as the way for you to get the full experience, the complete package.

      And it looked that way for King’s Quest too. Nothing out of the ordinary. You get chapter 1 to 5. Good, right ? That’s all there is to the game, right ? Nope. Turns out there’s a sneaky, corporate asterisk somewhere in there. You know the one. “Restrictions may apply”, “Batteries not included”, “May or may not be true but you can’t sue anyway, lol”.

      Yup, there’s this wonderful things called “The Epilogue”. The epic conclusion to this series, five chapters and two-ish years in the making ! Want it ? WANT IT ? Too bad.

      If, like me , you bought Chapter 1 when it came out, liked it, put a ring on it then bought the Season Pass, there is NO legal way for you to get the epilogue…Besides watching a Let’s Play on Youtube or something.

      Sorry, you just weren’t enthusiast enough about the game.

      You were enthusiast enough to buy the first chapter. That’s level 1 on the enthusiast scale.

      You were enthusiast enough to buy the season pass. That’s level 2.

      You could have bought each chapter individually. That’s level 3.

      To get the prologue, you have to go full level 4 and get the Complete Collection from the very start, without even checking out Chapter 1. Put on a blindfold and throw the money this way, we’ll pick it up…

      You cannot :

      – Buy the Complete Collection if you already own the Season Pass or even Chapter 1. Steam thinks you’re trying to buy the same game twice.

      – Throw a few more bucks at it to make the upgrade. There’s a whapping 5€ difference between the Season Pass and the Complete Collection. Ori and the Blind Forest had a permanent discount for the Definitive Edition for anyone who owned the “previous” edition. Skyrim gives you the upcoming revamped version for free if you buy all DLCs before it comes out. It can be done.

      – Hope to buy the Epilogue separately, as Sierra already stated on their Twitter it wasn’t going to be sold separately, ever.

      – Ask for a refund and then re-buy the “correct” edition of the game, because you’ve already clocked in way too many hours playing the previous chapters for it to fall under Steam’s refund policy.

      I truly enjoyed this game. Really, I did. Just feels like a cold shower to learn you’re gonna be cut out of the full experience because “money”.

      I was going to advance the old-school argument as to why Sierra was trustworthy, but then so is EA and Ubisoft…

      Thoughts ?

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      Technically, this wasn’t Sierra. The license for King’s Quest was “licensed out” to the folks of The Odd Gentlemen.

      These are the people to pester:

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      Well, The Odd Gentlemen developed the game, but the latest incarnation of “Sierra” ( – Activision’s so-called indie label – is the distributor / publisher, so they’d be the ones responsible for how the game is sold, bundled, etc.

      It was certainly not handled in the best way, but there was a recent post on the Sierra Facebook page that indicated they may be looking into this, so let’s hope they straighten this out.

      This website – – is dedicated to the old Sierra games and was created by Sierra’s original founder, Ken Williams. It’s not really active any longer.

      The best place to make your feedback heard is to post and/or send a message through the official Facebook page of Activision’s Sierra label:

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