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      In going through a bunch of Sierra disks in my vintage computing collection, I found a stack that I must have acquired from someone else, as it has games I know weren’t mine back when they were new. Manhunter, Silpheed, The Black Cauldron (I had that on Apple II, not DOS.) But also a 2-disk set of disks labeled “Sierra’s On-Line” That’s it.

      The entirety of the label is:


      DISK 1 of 2
      Ver. #89.96.22A

      and DISK 2 “ARCHIVE GUIDE” – sadly, this disk is corrupt (makes a squeaking sound, so almost certainly physically bad.)

      Knowing the name of the company at the time was “Sierra On-Line”, this confused me. It didn’t list a game name. So… Broke out my 486, installed it, and…….. It’s a graphics-mode terminal program. ??

      I’m guessing some sort of predecessor to TSN/INN? Was this an app to dial in to a Sierra server where you could download info sheets with graphics or something? (The only reason I can think of to have it run in graphics mode – I had to pick my graphics card during setup (Hercules, CGA, Tandy, EGA, MCGA, VGA.) But at least in the interface I could muck around in, there was no obvious graphical elements other than slight “MS-DOS Shell style” graphics-mode boxes menu at the top.

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      Dear Sierra Technical Help,

      I need some help in starting up some of my games. The games work in Win95/98 , but not win 10.One Quest Of Glory 1, NASCAR Racing, and racing games like F12000 and F12001 . I do not have a win 95/98 computer. BUT I DO HAVE WIN 7.wILL ANY OF THESE GAMES WORK ON PS3/PS4/XBOX360.wELL IF YOU KNOW PLEASE DO KNOW , please do write me. Well, if you can answer my question that would be great. I BOUGHT THESE GAMES THRU YOUR COMPANY SIERRA, CAN YOU PLEASE HLEP ME OUT? MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS […], AND MY NAME IS […]


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        Ken Williams

        Greetings Sagar:

        I apologize, but I can’t help you. I sold Sierra over 25 years ago and am not even sure who owns it these days. Activision, I think?

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