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      Ciao Ken,
      hope you are enjoying your stay in Mexico.
      I was wondering if there is any chance of retrieving somewhere copies of the Sierra annual reports, when you were there…
      I work as a business controller (even if more and more moving towards business and less controller) now for a fashion company, but before for technology ones (Ericsson and Elsag Bailey) and I would love to have a look at how they were done, figures involved, etc…
      Let me know,

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      (re: Sierra (your times) annual reports) Ken,
      I’ll go ahead and pipe in on this discussion – I actually this morning was thinking about nearly the same thing. I was interested in the practices that Sierra implemented as far as business and compensation for its employees. I am not necessarily looking for actual private figures for individuals, but rather how people were imployed – paid by the hour, salary? Also, if they proposed a new game idea to you, did they get any special profit-sharing for a great new idea, or were they just compensated as they were regularly – like for instance Al Lowe, or Scott Murphy – when their respective series launched.
      As I said I am not looking for actual numbers, just practices in the Sierra business world. Especially back at the start of Sierra around the 1980-1985 era.

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      (re: Sierra (your times) annual reports)

      Ken has a lot of business-related material, including annual reports and those types of things. I’m sure he will have lots of things to say in response to your questions (he told me his internet access will be shaky for the next two weeks, so that’s the reason if he doesn’t respond right away). I did copy / scan a small amount of Ken’s business stuff that I found to be interesting… so that will make it up here sooner or later.

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      (re: re: Sierra (your times) annual reports) I’m not sure what I have from the Sierra days. I don’t think I have any of the annual reports, or quarterly reports — but I might. All of my stuff is packed into a dark, cold, storage shed, and I haven’t had the time to sort through it.
      Reading them would be fun..
      -Ken W

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