Sierra was Too early but now it’s time! Forget 3d!

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      Hey there! Big fan of all of your exciting work!

      I was wondering why continue the 3d route for games that had such emotional connection? I don’t know how everyone feels but on a personal note I feel that pursuing the 3d route took a toll on the overall production value for Sierra Games.

      Hand painted graphics with incredible soundtracks/sound design and real footage interactive experiences makes such a deeper impact, especially right now when you’ve got big game companies investing millions on 3d modeling & machine learning, it makes anything less look amateur even those great stories with legacy creators.

      A great example of something I’d be excited to see if the Sierra legacy somehow continued would be something like the Netflix hit Bandersnatch or re-mastering best seller games with new artists and voiceverover/sound design to bring the gameplay to a whole new level and faster dynamic.

      A Company that is CRUSHING the point and click in the Mobile world is Artifex Mundi…. if there was ever a company to take the Dev baton on those types of games… I think it’s them… their games are beautiful and rich in stories!

      You’ve got a global network of talented artists around the world that are willing to work and that can bring ideas to life faster than ever… If you wanted to go the interactive route… you’ve got affordable interactive video technology now which makes story telling accessible to develop… and everyone’s on mobile devices now….

      I believe Ken and Roberta hold the keys to incredible stories that can be brought to life on this new world of gaming through their years of experience.

      Maybe I’m talking to myself or maybe I’m planting a seed!

      Anyhow! I run a high end music production studio in Miami! Always down for virtual coffe and brainstorm ideas!


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