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      Before discovering Sierra games, I was introduced to the genre of parser 3D adventures with the game Dondra: A New Beginning. It was later released as Questmaster I after it was sold by Spectrum Holobyte to Miles Computing Although it didn’t have the navigatable characters Sierra did, movement was directed through typing, sort of like in Mystery House. Just curious as to whether you even heard of or played this game and your thoughts about it. If it weren’t for this game, I might not have gotten into computer games and never discovered the glory of Sierra. The author didn’t make any more after this one, but I thought it was a fun game. Thanks.


      For those interested, I have a website devoted to this and a few other games which began my love of adventure games. Sorry, no Sierra games, there are just too many, not enough time, and not enough webspace on Geocities. 

      Aarons Classic Fantasy Epics

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