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      From what I’ve seen of new Sierra games they are definitely not following the “Beat EA” philosophy. A good case in point is the recent Lord of the Rings games. EA came out with a very entertaining set of games based on the LOTR movies. Sierra/VU games came out with a half-baked game based on the books a week before EA’s release and it has received no good reviews that I am aware of. Sierra has created a pretty entertaining RTS game called “War of the Ring” but it is based on the Warcraft 3 engine, so it’s not exactly original. EA will be releasing a similar RTS game later this year but I think it will sell much better because they have proven that they are making better products.

      In my opinion, Sierra had EA beat on several fronts back in the day. Now it just seems that EA dumps out hit after hit while Sierra is spinning it’s wheels while it waits for real support from VU.

      I did pick up one of the new Hoyle games the other day and have really enjoyed it. At least they still have that series and Half-Life 2 should blow the socks off the gaming public. If it ever gets published…

      By the way, does anyone know how long Sierra has owned the license to games on Tolkien’s series?

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      (re: Sierra then vs. Sierra now) “…By the way, does anyone know how long Sierra has owned the license to games on Tolkien’s series?…”
      Just as the company was being sold (1996) I remember that our Oakhurst office was negotiating for the rights to Lord of the Rings (or, was it the hobbit?) The deal wasn’t done yet when I left the company, so I’m not sure what happened…
      -Ken W

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