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      Hey Ken,

      I wanted to ask a quick question about how Sierra went about hiring voice actors for their video games…I know this may seem like a broad question, but if you could give any type of “process” about how you found your voice actors, contacted them, where they did most of their recording (was it at Sierra, or at another recording center?), and what it was like meeting some of the actors (if you had that opprotunity).

      If you have any specific stories about the following voice actors, I’d love to hear how you found them/why you used them, and any general stories about working with them:

      Tim Curry (gabriel knight series)
      Virginia Capers (gabriel knight I)
      Robby Benson (KQ 6)
      Tony Jay (KQ 6)
      Josh Mandel (I know he also worked with Sierra as a script writer, what was the cause of that?)
      Carol Bach y Rita (King’s and Space Quest)
      Cam Clarke (Quest for Glory IV)
      Jennifer Hale (Quest for Glory IV)
      Jan Rabson (Leisure suit Larry)

      Obviously some of these people will be easier to remember than others…and asking Roberta about using Tony Jay would be much easier than asking Lori Ann or Corey Cole about Quest for Glory; regardless, understanding the process and any stories that you may have to share would be great!!!!

      Thanks for the help, and for the years of entertainment!


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