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      I’m posting this because I would be interested to know more about how Sierra is managed as a company today. I’ve studies Sierra’s history in depth and know about all the acquisitions and all that. It’s just that in recent years, Sierra has been a more an more anonymous company, and today I have no idea how it looks.

      I know that on May 9, 2001, Thomas K. Hernquist became the President and CEO of the company. But he didn’t stay for long. I don’t know why he left or exactly when, but Mike A. Ryder took over as CEO very quickly.

      Dynamix was shut down on August 14, 2001, and this was perhaps the last remaining piece of Sierra with any meaningful connection to the Sierra that existed before 1996. Many felt as though this was the end of “the old Sierra” anyway…

      Surprisingly, the logo was changed in November that year to the old Half-Dome picture, and the company was renamed Sierra Entertainment. However, there didn’t seem to be any real changes to the company.

      Recently, the website was changed to the generic VU design, and there’s no longer any relevant information about the company’s management there. From the outside, it appears that Sierra has changed more into a development studio of Vivendi Universal than what it used to be (more like a publisher) when it was purchased. Is Mike Ryder still in charge of the company? Or is Sierra now just a branch run from VU headquarters? Approximately how many people are working there? Have there been major restructurings, such as layoffs or relocation of offices? Is it still located in the same facilities as it was when Sierra moved to Bellevue? And what do they actually do these days? I’m not sure if they are doing in-house development of games anymore or if they just publish them or something. Overall, Sierra’s role in Vivendi’s games division lately is a mystery to me. It would be great if someone with some knowledge of this would be kind enough to answer some of these questions.

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