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      Ken and Roberta,
      I think it was 1984 when I saw the PCJr in the Connecticut Post Mall(now a Westbridge Shoppingtown!) in Milford, CT…and the first King’s quest installment.
      Needless to say, I was blown away.
      I got the game that Christmas, and sorry to say ‘hinted’ my way through most of it!(I still have the hand written hint cards from the likes of Kelly Walker and Barbara Frost, patiently explaining the rambling quesitons of an eleven year old.)
      It goes without saying that the game was on my mind pretty much 24/7, and really stoked my imagination. I even wrote and submitted a few games; explanations, full maps, the whole deal to Sierra. (Amazingly, they were quite similar to the existing King’s Quest!)
      What was more amazing is that when they got rejected, I got a letter back explaining that fact, although it was also told that I was a very creative individual and that the submission was excellent! To a kid of eleven, that was big.
      Another idea that was submitted unfortunately got lost, so Roberta was kind enough to send me a copy of Black Cauldron! You do not find such personal attention like that in many places.

      You really shone in your time. And I just wanted to let you know I saw your star!

      Jason Mann


      I framed the letter.
      I still have the games I created, and the letter Roberta wrote to me.
      And the impact you had on my creative life still echoes.
      Thank you both.

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