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      I’ve been a Sierra fan ever since my dad purchased a copy of ‘Leisure Suit Larry’ waaaay back in the day (suffice to say, Al Lowe has helped warp my fragile little mind :P). Recently; I’d been interested in playing chess. I went through my mighty stack of software looking for a good chess program. None of them really were teaching me things I didn’t already know. I then remembered Sierra produced a chess game: Complete Chess. Thus began my odyssey through the Internet to local a copy. After close to a week of Google-ing, Yahoo-ing, eBay-ing, etc. I *finally* found a web store that had it. I eagerly placed my order & hoped they still had it in stock (their page had no inventory listed, just that the did sell the product). Much to my delight, they did have the product & it was shipped out promptly.

      I’ve only had the software for two days, and I have to tell you: it’s by far THE best chess program I’ve ever used. I can’t belive I didn’t pick this title up off the shelf when it was released originally. If you’re looking to learn chess; this title is invaluable. I’ve been working with the ‘beginner trainer’ now for about a day & already I can feel part of my game improving. I’m able to pick out moves I would have ordinarily missed.

      Ken; thank you for making such an amazing product. I so wish “Sierra” was still around, as your software library never ceased to amaze me. I only wish that a publisher would rise from the ashes & release such quality products of yesteryear.

      A dedicated fan –

      Steve C.

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