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      Thanks for being a huge part of my childhood. Played as many of your games as I could get my hands on. If there are any scans needed from the Sierra Online magazine let me know, I have many of them… sadly all my games were lost during my moves abroad for military service so I can’t help with that.

      Much respect,

      P.S. My kids still look at me weird when I say … “‘ello I’m Ernie de ‘ermit”..

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      Hey Phillip! I share your sentiment about Sierra being a large part of our childhoods! There is one interaction magazine I have been looking for, it is the holiday 1998 issue with the nascar cover. Would you happen to have this? Is so please email me brad –@– remove all the dashes in my email to make it work. Would love to hear from you either way!

      talk soon,

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