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      Hey all,

      I want to take a moment to introduce you to Sierra On-Line Interaction, my
      pet project which is basically converting the Interaction Magazine
      issues into an indexable (is that even a word?!?!), searchable, and
      easily viewable wiki format with extensive hooks to Sierra Chest, Sierra
      Help Pages, and MobyGames.

      As of right now, I have issues 1-4
      completely converted and are viewable. I have also overhauled the
      navigation system (if you have previously visited the early incarnation
      of the wiki back in December 2010), implemented a game and person index,
      as well as
      implementation of site forums and a Facebook page dedicated to the

      This work is a true labor of love and it is with no
      small amount of pride that I reintroduce Sierra On-Line Interaction to
      you, the community. While the entire site is still under construction, I
      feel I have reached the point where I can begin promoting the project
      while I continue working on the conversion process. With that said,
      please feel free to stop by and see what everything is all about. If
      you wish to stay informed of site updates, simply click the Facebook
      “Like” button at the bottom of any of the pages of the site, which will
      enable you to receive project update notifications as they happen via
      Facebook. If you wish to utilize the forums, Wikidot registration is
      all that is needed in order to become a member of the site, which
      enables forum posting privileges.

      Right now the site is on
      Wikidot’s “free” package, which has advertising on the top of each page.
      This is an annoyance, as the project is entirely not-for-profit and no
      revenue is generated or collected by me. Once I reach a certain daily
      pageview threshold, I will be upgrading the site to Wikidot’s “Pro”
      package, which will remove the ads. I point this out only to make my
      not-for-profit intentions clear.

      Future plans include revamping
      the site graphics (which are, at this point, temporary place-holders at
      best), making an Android version of the site, as well as providing
      multiple languages. I am also giving some small thought to changing the
      name of the project to Interaction Magazine Archive… but that is just
      an idle thought right now…

      Special thanks to Tawmis,
      Collector, and Rudy over at SHP for inspiring me to begin this project and for their
      continued support. And of course, a special thanks to you, the
      community, for whom this project is namely for. In all my years, I have
      never seen a more tight-nit community than the Sierra community. It is
      a testament to our common love of Sierra and her treasured memory that
      we are as close as we are and how every day members of our community
      make great strides in honoring Sierra, be it by participating in game
      remakes, organizing resources, or providing a home for all of Sierra’s
      wayward sons and daughters the world around.

      SITE URL:

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