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      Hey there Ken,
      Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on bringing happiness to so many gamers out there, and making Sierra great. Even if Sierra today may not represent the ideas/ideals you had, people in the main understand that and respect that it’s Vivendi (or whoever it is today) who makes the decisions.
      Moving right along, I absolutely love Sierra’s music! One thing that has always made me love these games (other than brilliant plots, fantastic characters, etc etc) is the superb musical scores. In fact, I made a website similar to that of QuestStudios called Sierra Music Central (
      ). How did you find such artists, or even, if Mark Seibert found such artists, how did you find him?
      And what are your thoughts on the Sierra soundtracks? I still feel the MT-32 and Sound Canvas scores are FAR superior to today’s so-called ‘digital’ soundtracks.
      Highest regards,
      – Alistair

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      (re: Sierra’s music) I have to agree! I’m listening to the Katrina meeting/town center dreaming music sequence right now in mid format. I really really love the intro to sq3 too! Was it Seibert’s genius?
      Eric Shashoua

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