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      Hi Everyone-

      I grew up on the '80s in California, and loved playing Sierra games on my old IBM XT. So excited to see a site here dedicated to their glory! Kings quests 1,2,3, Police quest, Leisure Suit Larry (that one had to shield from the parents a bit)….so many fond memories. 

      I wish they were readily available on today's game platforms as I'd love to share them with my kids. 


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      I grew up in San Antonio, TX and the first graphical computer game I played was King's Quest. I remember on one of the games there was this picture of Roberta I think standing by a window with a lake behind her. Think it was her home? Not sure, but I thought wow what a beautiful view! Anyway, those games helped define me as a person and kept me out of trouble. 

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      We had a home on the lake near Sierra's offices. The lake was BASS LAKE, in Bass Lake California.

      The extra spacial thing about that house was that we had a boat dock and two (at the time) teen sons. In summers we would water ski almost every day. 

      Those were the days!

      Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

      -Ken W

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