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      Hi this is my third message that im sending, anyway l thought l’d just add that l am having problems running the kings quest collection on my computer, im using windows xp home edition, to my knowledge, kings quest 1-6 are all DOS games, and kings quest 7 and 8 are windows, also im trying to run my leisure suit larry ultimate pleasure pack, so l assume if you guys can help me with kings quest, then larry would work aswell. Aside from all of this when l tried to run kings quest in the command prompt that windows xp offers, l saw the install screen, (its black and white), it tells me to type in a letter to install each kings quest game, so for example kings quest 1, 2, 3 is a, b, c and when l press a letter, nothing happens, it wont install, so what now?
      Aswell as this l downloaded DOSBOX, and l tried following the instructions but its confusing, any hints please?
      Finally l saw the same install screen in DOSBOX that l saw in the command prompt windows, so l pressed a letter, but nothing happened, it just wont install.
      I really, would appreciate a detailed answer, to my questions, as l have a few, on what l can do to get my old sierra games going.
      Thanks Aaron.

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