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      Greetings everyone!  I have ‘officially’ opened the testbed site for Sierra Gamers to the members of this site.
      Please note that the site is still in a rough beginning stage, far from being done.  Right now, the testbed site
      is mainly around so I can learn the new Talkspot system and to test new concepts or ideas.  Also, most of
      the pages right now either a) are copies of the old site but with a different, better look, or b) link back to the
      original site.  I do ask for your patience.  There is a lot of material to convert.  I’m not sure yet if the bulletin
      board or users can be transferred over to the new system, though I will definitely look into that possibility.
      Finally, for now, the domain names are temporary only.  At some point, once the site is officially ready to
      be completely transferred over to the new system and the old site deleted once and for all, the domain
      name will be transferred to the new system, something I’m sure Ken will have to take care.  At least, I’m
      assuming that’s the plan. 🙂

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      Ack!  Almost forgot…For a link to the testbed site, please go to the SierraGamers homepage.  There is a link
      at the bottom.  It’s hard to miss. 🙂

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