SIERRA credits on G4’s ‘History of Computer Gaming’

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      Hello all!

      Just wanted to let everyone know, I usually record the TV show ‘Icons’ on G4TV, and today they had an episode on ‘The History of Computer Gaming’.

      It gives me great pleasure to report that Sierra was given quite a few credits for bringing computer gaming to the level it enjoys today. They showed some King’s Quest and Space Quest games, and I think they even showed a bit of the AGD remake of King’s Quest I !!!! How cool!

      Richard Garriot (aka Lord British) talked about how Sierra was the only company who would agree to package his game in a real box with manuals. He stated that he thinks the Ultima Sierra published was the first PC game in a box. Is this true?

      Anyways, I have this show recorded in my computer as a high quality Mpeg file, and I have a DVD burner, so if anyone here wants this show for museum purposes or just for the sake of it let me know!

      Very cool episode I must say.

      P.S. They also showed some Phantasmagoria!!!

      Sorry if this is old news!

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      Sounds great. I would be interested!

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