Sierra Created My Life

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      My name is Ian-David Simpson, I am 24 years old, and have been gaming since 1987. So this year is my 20th anniversary, Yes thats right, i started when i was just 4 years old. I could not spell or read yet, obviously. So i started playing Police Quest 1, My parents had to help me spell, and taught me to read. So by the time i actually finshed Police Quest 1, I was 5 when i finished it. I could pretty much Read and Write Fluently. I excelled through school and college for that simple fact. And to this day, I am a DJ and a Producer of 12 different styles of music. I am also the General Manager for my Internet company. And i thank Ken , Roberta, Scott, Mark, and the Lovable AL Lowe.
      For creating who i am today with all your excellent Adventure Games! I owe you guys everything that i now have today. 20 years later and Sierra still is my Life. I Started Kings Quest 1 again last night… He he he. Excellent stuff. Games now-a-days just dont have what all the quests had. Quite frankly they will never compare.
      I miss Sierra and everyone there.

      BUT THE TRUE SIERRA LIVES ON. (Bow yours head for Oakhurst)

      Thanks for Everything Ken, Roberta, Scott, Mark, and AL LOWE
      Ian-David Simpson (Compulsive, Obsessive, Lifelong Sierra Fan) 🙂

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