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      Sierra game box cover arts fascinate me very much.
      I’ve been trying to do research on them and here’s my very early page
      about Sierra box cover artists with only few titles at the moment: 

      I’ll be adding Lucas, Tolkien, Origin, AD&D and SSI
      game box artists there too.
      If you know any game box artist and/or paintings/covers done by him,
      feel free to contribute any 
      From the mentioned genres or I might consider something else too.

      Ken, do you remember any of the cover artists?
      And how did you find and hire them?
      Were the works always commissioned or did you sometimes find suitable already existing art?
      Any examples?

      Especially the artists of the early stuff (On-Line Systems/
      SierraVenture/SierraVision/Hi-Res Adventure etc.) are hard
      to find out because they aren’t mentioned in the manual,
      and often in the box signature either isn’t (completely) seen or is hard to interpretate.

      F.ex. Ultima II SierraVenture large box version has the artist’s signature at bottom part
      in the left side, but it’s hard to read what it says being so stylish.
      (Something like Jinson, Tinson, Elinson…)
      If you have a good guess, feel free to share.
      If it matches on Google on something sensible, it might be the real name.

      The same artist is most likely behind f.ex.
      Wizard and the Princess SierraVenture-release.
      F.ex. the castle, rock formations and fog-concept are very alike.
      And the back cover of Ultima II was also used as cover for Ultima I: The Original and Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash.

      I’ll add little pics of the particular box arts later to the page too.
      (I’ll try to find shots of the original covers without texts;
      that is if the texts weren’t originally painted in the picture).

      A bit about the other genres too; AD&D is the easiest because they’re the paintings that were
      used in many other concepts too than only with the computer games.
      And most of SSI box art is by Louis Hsu Saekow.
      Origin’s mostly by Denis Loubet.
      Tolkien games are quite easy. They have covers by Tolkien himself,
      the famous artists John Howe, Ted Nasmith, Hildebrandt brothers etc.
      However, don’t know who is the artist of “Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell”
      (the scene and style is from the Bakshi-movie, like the logo style too).

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      (re: Sierra box cover artists) Good work and good luck as you continue with this! We’ll have to see if we can somehow integrate your Sierra list with this site once it’s grown to be comprehensive. It’s cool that you’ve found Terry’s site, I will get in contact with him regarding his work at Sierra in order to see if he has material for the museum here.

      Terry also did: Gobliiins, Fire Hawk, and Freddy Pharkas. If you haven’t already, I’ll also send him a link to your site and ask him if he has more games to add to your list.

      John Shaw has done tons of Sierra covers. The ones I can confirm right now are: Manuhunter New York, Space Quest 3, and Codename Iceman. His awesome art is all over the internet and I have probably emailed every website that his art is on, but I have been unable to get contact information for him.

      Ken put up a zip of box art here before… I’ll see if I can dig up the link and post it for you. If not, I can re-post it. And good questions. Hopefully Ken can answer those for us.

      Brandon Klassen, archivist ~ admin / dev team ~

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      (re: Sierra box cover artists) Thanks for the info. Oh and the early box art -zip file I already have.
      Very nice stuff there.

      I’ve updated the cover artists page a bit.
      When I get to it, I still know plenty of stuff to add there, though not from Sierra and Lucas at the moment.

      Brooks has contributed some Space Quest 7 concept art stuff to show for

      He has very interesting side notes on the works at his page too (though there would definitely be much more to tell too).
      Like Larry 1 VGA cover was paper cut and it fell apart week after the shoot :).

      And couple of the covers seen there were made with Adobe and Corel.
      Interesting, because this was early 1990s, and CGI covers weren’t the mainstream yet (f.ex. Ultima Underworld II and Ultima 8 cover were made with computer too).

      There probably were computer generated covers in 1980s too (even if you’re not counting screenshot-covers);
      does anyone remember some from any companies?
      Or more from early 1990s?

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      (re: Sierra box cover artists)

      Brandon, are you going to post the link you mentioned? Thanks!

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      (re: Sierra box cover artists)

      Hmm… I can’t find the link anymore! I don’t have it on record and the site search function isn’t giving me any luck. Perhaps Ken could improve the way the search function works with more options sometime (date, user, must / any / partial options for keywords, etc).

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      (re: re: Sierra box cover artists) There are a LOT of changes coming to this website.

      1) I completely rewrote the message board system.
      2) I rewrote the menu system
      3) I added a new server

      All of this goes effective sometime in the next two weeks. Expect problems in the first couple of days after the upgrade. I do plenty of testing locally, but no matter what I do, the real world tends to behave differently than my laptop.

      You should see some immediate benefits:

      – The current system IS NOT search-engine friendly. I’ve known this for years, but didn’t really want the extra traffic. This next upgrade “opens to the door” to the search engines, and will raise the traffic here 10-fold, at least. Hopefully that will be a good thing.
      – The current bulletin board system is buggy and slow. The new one is lightning fast, looks much better and will hopefully be less buggy.

      I may post a link early next week to my beta server so that people can start “shaking down” the new code.

      -Ken W

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