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      Found an interesting sale on ebay:

      The Apple II version of the original King’s Quest 1, in the new packaging created for the King’s Quest 1 remake.

      I had thought Sierra had stopped selling apple II games before then, but looking at the catalogs, it looks like the King’s Quest 1 remake came out in the 2nd quarter of 1990, and the Original apple II version continued to be sold until 1991.

      Did other old versions get released in the new box?
      I’m sure the screenshots on the back led to a lot of confusion for people.

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      Hmm, the item seems to be gone.

      I don’t much about the Apple releases, but this occured for sure on PC
      releases. The Space Quest 1 VGA remake is the example I know of from
      personal experience, which was available in the old EGA box. I’m sure
      there are others as well. I guess it’s as simple as using up the old
      boxes that were already printed. Maybe Ken has some memories on this.

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