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      I’m trying to track down the various versions of AGI games released by Sierra for the Macintosh. Does anyone have these kicking around?

      I’ve put together a blog entry on AGI games from Sierra for the Macintosh. Thanks to the work of others, I was able to use scans of Sierra’s newsletters, and scans of MacWorld to piece together a timeline of releases and versions.

      Turns out that for a brief period in addition to the typical quest games, Donald Duck’s Playground was available on the Macintosh…. I’ve never seen it. I’m posting here and sent a note to Al Lowe to see if he knows anything.

      68k Macintosh and Sierra AGI games

      As I have time I plan to go through the AGI games I have using mini vMac’s Macintosh II emulator to get what versions I have (since many crash on load on my LC 475). If anyone wants to help, please use the comment section on my blog to provide the game version + interpreter versions for any copies you have that aren’t already listed.

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