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      I just have to say that I absolutely love Shivers. It, to me, is the gold standard when it comes to the adventure game/puzzle game genre. There have been some good ones of late (made within the last 10 years) and many have come close (The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana and The Eyes of Ara come to mind), but none can hold a candle to Shivers. I think one reason why is that there are so many layers of backstory in the game. It’s not just the part about the kids breaking into the museum and later the owner getting killed; there’s the part about the owner before the kids break in; when he works on building the museum. There’s the part about the burro farmer finding the jars and delivering them to the archaeologist. Then there’s the legend of the jars themselves. Just so much depth to the overall game. It also helps I’m a bit into the paranormal/supernatural that the museum deals with. If such a museum existed in the real world and was conveniently located, I’d probably end up being an employee there!

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